Welcoming Back Professor Jennie Stephens

Stephens Photo updateJennie Stephens is an Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, as well as the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Program in Environmental Science & Policy. Her research, teaching, and community engagement all focus on social and technical change toward sustainability, with a particular focus on how society responds to climate change and energy system innovation.

Professor Stephens is back on campus this fall after an exciting sabbatical year focused on energy and climate related research and community engagement. Following SuperStorm Sandy in October 2012, Stephens and her colleaguesreceived an NSF RAPID grant to explore how the disruptive event changed climate and energy discourse in the mainstream media.  She and her research team also spent last year conducting a series of focus groups with different energy-related actors to comparatively assess competing visions of Smart Grid – electricity system innovations that are happening all over the country.  This research will contribute to a book on the complexities of Smart Grid that will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2014.

During her sabbatical she worked as an associate of the Energy Technology Innovation Policy group at the Harvard Kennedy School where she contributed to the Project on Innovation and Access to Technologies for Sustainable Development.

She also made several trips out to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle and Pullman Washington) where she is heading up the communication research team and the stakeholder engagement process for a large climate modeling project.

Last March, Jennie was awarded the Colleges of Worcester Consortium Faculty Community Engagement Award, and she gave a keynote address at the Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference at the Worcester DCU center in April.

Currently, Professor Stephens is teaching a Sustainability and Higher Education course, as well as a Climate Change, Energy and Development Course, which are both offered for graduates and advanced undergraduates. She is excited to be back on campus, and is ready to start the year at Clark!

Professor Stephens and Colleagues in Ireland

Professor Stephens and Colleagues in Ireland


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