Jason Coleman (IDSC ’07) praises Clark, discusses new work in Togo

Jason Coleman (IDSC/MA 2007) in Namibia

Jason Coleman (IDSC/MA 2007) recently began a new job as the director of management and operations for Peace Corps Togo. Coleman is also a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Gabon 2001-03), and explained to his hometown newspaper that both his Peace Corps service and his experience as a graduate student at IDCE have shaped his experiences in international development, particularly in Africa.

“Clark University and graduate school was a great decision for me,” he says, according to the July 3rd issue of the Southern Pines Pilot. “I went into it thinking that finally I was going to get the answers on how to fix the world’s problems, but I came out with the tools and knowledge of how to reinforce my own ideas in achieving what I wanted to do with my life.”

Coleman’s background in development spans more than 10 years in different regions of Africa as well as time working in Washington, D.C. Check out the full text of the article to learn more about Jason’s path and the work he has done in the areas of environmental education and HIV/AIDS in Africa and Central America.


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