IDCE Director and aids2031 in the news

IDCE Director Bill Fisher was recently featured in A&U Magazine, discussing the aids2031 project and his perspectives on the AIDS epidemic. Here are a few highlights:

Several years ago aids2031 was established and its members are pulling out all the stops. Supported by such organizations as the Gates Foundation and amfAR, this UNAIDS initiative is scanning over the past thirty years of the epidemic to see what worked and what didn’t. They’re addressing today’s budding challenges and creating a long-term view, so that by the year 2031—the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of AIDS—this pandemic won’t exist. They’ve recently published a book, AIDS: Taking a Long Term View.

The initiative has engaged 500 leaders, experts, and activists from the fields of science, economics, and epidemiology, among others. I wanted to get the scoop so I turned to one of these pros, a former professor of mine at Columbia—Dr. Bill Fisher. Currently the director of the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment at Clark University in Massachusetts, his background is anchored in anthropology, social movements and development, and NGOs.

Access the full text and interview here.


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